Show Specials

2021 show specials will be released this fall! Check out what the show specials from several exhibitors were in 2020:

Belvedere - BOOTH: 129
Order your BELVEDERE EXCLUSIVE custom reusable bags for Spring/Summer delivery and receive one price tier discount.  Ask us about our extended dating programs and cash discounts.

Biacast Inc. - BOOTH: 511
Free customization for items ordered at the show. Bicast is offering free name drops and customization for all items ordered at the show.

Capsmith Inc. - BOOTH: 200
Show Exclusive! Capsmith Cash: $10.00 off $250.00 Order, $20.00 off $500.00 Order, and $50.00 off $1,000.00 Order

Custom Cordage LLC - BOOTH: 1035

Devi Creations - BOOTH: 210
Free Displays - Dozen per style Discount: FREE DISPLAYS & VOLUME DISCOUNT - Buy Direct from Mfg.

Get 10% discount when you place an order with us at the show

Grasshopper's Mermaid - BOOTH: 904
We have heard your requests and are so *thrilled* to announce that we will be debuting our new product line at the Grand Strand Gift Show - prints of our amazing stickers will be available for wholesale ordering, available only at our booth!
Also, if you make an order at the show, you'll also recieve a free stand dispalying our 10% back to conservation efforts. Make sure to come by and say hi! :)  

Jackie Gallagher Designs - BOOTH: 227
For every 2 dozen traditional Wave rings or Rolling Wave rings that you order at the show,  you will get 2 free ones.  You will need to order 2 dozen rings in one style.  Please mention this promo.
Free Shipping on all orders over $400.00 placed at the show.  Please mention this promo.

Jasper Fashion - BOOTH: 1329
Spot Order More Than $ 500 shipping Free!

Lizton Sign Shop - BOOTH: 509
$350 Orders receive FREE shipping! 
Opening order is only $200
$500 orders receive 5% off
$1000 orders receive 10% off
$2000 orders receive 15% off

Nublu Sport Inc. - BOOTH: 901
Make an initial Order with us at Grand Strand and recieve 10% off your order! 

R.S. Covenant, Inc. - BOOTH: 300
Free Shipping on a qualified* ring or jewelry program purchased during the show!

Rain Jewelry Collection - BOOTH: 417
Free freight on orders over $500.00.   

Totally Turtles USA - BOOTH: 212
- Free Triple 5-Basket Fixture plus Free Freight with $2,400 purchase.  With this ultimate collection you get the starting order of all books and their matching toys and accessories, or create your own product mix.  Your customers will want to collect them all!
- FREE 5 Basket Fixture with $1,250 purchase of all 3 turtle books and their matching plush toys and accessoires.  Impactful in a small space 14x12 footprint, 60" high.  Come see for yourself in our booth. 
- FREE Countertop Display with $550 Purchase. BIG PROFIT POTENTIAL IN A SMALL SPACE. Get all 3 turtle books & matching plush toys.  Just $550 gets you the minimum order quanitity on the full turtle collection, or create your own product mix. SAVE MORE!  Get 2 displays with $1,000 purchase and add Manatee Magic, Dolphin Discovery, NEW Monkey Michief or Calypso Conch
- NOT READY TO MAKE A COMMITMENT? WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED! For just $50 you each of our 3 turtle books and their primary toys ($142 Retail Value).  A great way to introduce the line to your customers and staff.  Makes charming gifts for you to give to your favorite little ones.  YOU CAN'T GO WRONG!

Uzzi - BOOTH: 1135
- Face masks and neck gaiters special: Solid colors, Rhinestones, fun prints and more
- Hoodies special: Pullover and Zip front hoddies
- Hawaiian shirts special: Ask for styles
- Kids special: Ask for styles
- Leggings special: 48 pieces display box, already set up for selling
- Swim short special: Ask for styles
- Free shipping show dates only: Dates: December 6-9 2020

Walshe Associates - BOOTH: 328 & 329
Stop by and let us show you our Show specials !