Partial Exhibitor Listing

Below you'll find a partial listing of exhibitors and lines participating in the December 2014 edition as of September 9, 2014:

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40 KNOTS  
79 South China Imports  
A & S Designs  
AAB Style Inc  
ABC Wholesale  
ABS Products Inc.  
ACE USA / Polar Graphics  
AMIA Suncatchers  
Acacia Creations  
Ad-Vise, Inc dba Sea & Tee Collection  
Adam Art  
Alan Burger/St Tropez Swimwear  
Aloe Up Sun & Skin Care Products  
Aloha Republic  
Aloha Surf  
American Gift Corp  
American Resort Gear  
Angel Toes Inc Temporary Tattoo Brands  
Anju Jewelry  
Ann Jones and Company  
Area Code 212  
Arthur Fox Earring Boutique  
Atlantis Apparel  
Australian Gold SunScreen  
Avalin Sweaters  
Avalon Apparel  
B&B Industries, Inc.  
B-Line Plastics, Inc.  
BETSEY JOHNSON swim separates  
Baja Beach  
Banana Split USA  
Barry-Owen Co. Inc.  
Basix of America  
Beach Classics  
Beach Club Promotions  
Beach Mon Enterprises  
Beachcombers International, Inc.  
Beacon Point  
Bear Branch Milling  
Beau Tease, Inc.  
Belvedere Stationers  
Ben Kaufman Sales Co. Inc.  
Bimini Bay Outfitters  
Blair Cedar  
Blossoms by Green Tree  
Blue Fox Industries  
Blue Seas Trading Co. Inc.  
Bluewave Sportswear  
Bottle Pets  
Boxercraft, Inc  
Brabo Inc  
Brass Reminders Co., Inc.  
Breaking Point Original Surf Gear  
Busy Bee International Corp.  
Byer of Maine  
C & K Systems  
CBLC Wholesale  
Calypso Studios, Inc.  
Cameron Designs  
Cansta Enterprise Ltd.  
Cape Cod Colors/Heart of Stone  
Capsmith, Inc.  
Carolina Traditions  
Celebration Cakes  
Chap'el Eyewear by Moore Frames, Inc.  
Charlotte International Trade Inc.  
Chippers the Bark with a Bite  
Clearwater Trading Company  
Clic Eyewear  
Cliff Weil, Inc.  
Coastal Carolina Sales  
Coastal Images/ Mainly Rustic  
Cohasset Gifts & Garden  
Comen & Associates  
Copeland Sales/ The Rep Group  
Cotton Love LLC  
Creative Handcrafts  
Creative Wraps Inc.  
Creative Wraps Sandals  
Cromer Company, The  
Cruz Accessories  
Cuppa Inc  
D'Vine Foods  
Dainty Miss Manufacturing Corp.  
Dan Stewart and Assoc.  
Darlene's Shells  
Davine International, Inc.  
Dazzle Dees Novelties  
Designs Unlimited  
Devi Creations  
Dick Crawford Resort Sales  
Dillon Importing  
Dorfman-Pacific Hat Co., Inc./Scala  
Drybranch/Sport Design  
Duck Company, The  
Dunhung Trading Co., Inc.  
EMI Sportswear  
ESCO Imports, Inc.  
Earthview Inc.  
Ed Walshe Associates  
Edwina's Selections  
Entertain Ya Mania  
Exist Inc.  
Expect High Winds  
F & M Expressions, Inc.  
Fancy That Gift & Décor  
Figuera Tree  
Fish Box, Inc.  
Flappin' Flags  
Florida Marine Research  
Fly-Trap Farm  
Forbes Candies, Inc.  
Forum Novelty Co Inc  
Frank Gladeck Marketing & Sales  
Frisky Nineteen, LLC  
Fun Stuff Inc.  
Fushida Eyeware Corporation  
GOSSIP junior fashion swim  
Galleria Gourmet Dips & Seasonings  
Garris Associates  
Gattuso Distributing  
George J. Marshall Incorporated  
GetAGadget, Inc  
Gib Carson Associates  
Gift Depot/DTEB Souvenir Depot Corp.  
Giftable World  
Gifts by Fashioncraft  
Global Seashell Industries  
Globe Imports Inc., The  
Gloria's Fashion  
Gloworks Imports  
GoBUDi / Sand Dipper  
GoGo Sports, Inc.  
Goldfarb, Barry/Hobie/Surfside  
Goldfarb-Fischer Novelty  
Goods 4 U Global  
Graphic Attack, Inc.  
Green Street Cotton Dye Ink  
H2oh! Colours Swim Wear  
HBY Miami LLC  
Hand & Heart  
Hands to Hearts  
Happy Islands/Happy Shirts  
Happy Kids For Kids  
Harbinger Laser Art  
Harbor Designs  
Heat Swimwear Inc.  
Heritage Puzzle  
High Wind Productions  
Holden International Inc.  
Holiday Souvenirs  
I 5 Kenpo  
ITS Classics / Just Towels  
In Gear Fashions, Inc  
In The Breeze  
Incredible Sunvisor, Inc., The  
Indian Tropical Fashion Inc  
Iron Gloves  
Ironwood Industries  
Island Fever Trading Co.  
Island Life  
Island World Apparel Corp  
Island World Swim  
J & K Novelty, Inc.  
J.B. & Associates, Inc.  
J.D. Yeatts & Son Inc. / Chesapeake Bay LTD  
JGR Copa, LLC  
Jaco of America, Inc.  
Jacobson Hat Co  
Jagreen Enterprises Ltd  
James Hagen Distributing Company  
Jan Hall Designs  
Jasper Fashion  
Jewelry Network, Inc of South Florida  
Jim Mayer Enterprises, Inc  
Joe Blow T's, Inc.  
Joe Goldberg & Associates  
John Hinde Gifts  
Jon Lauren Apparel, Inc.  
Joseph K. & Company, LLC  
Joyce's Shells & Gifts, Inc.  
Judith Edwards Designs  
Just Too Cute  
Kanu Surf  
Ken Slayton & Company  
Keys Life  
Kid-U-Not, Inc.  
KidKusion Inc  
Killer Beads, Inc.  
Koppe & Co./ Koppe's Candles  
Kruger Ltd., Inc.  
Kylie's Pet Treats  
LCI Leisure Craft Industries LLC  
LTC Trading Corporation dba Kenny K.  
LaLeela Clothing  
Lagaci Sport/Surf Mentality  
Lake Life  
Lantern Press  
Lavie International  
Lazy Man Fudge Mix  
Leathercraft Wonderland LLC  
Life & Style Fashions  
Life Iz  
Lighthouse Apparel  
Lone Rock Clothing  
Love Unlimited NY, Inc.  
Lowcountry Home Décor & Gifts  
LuLu Monkey LLC  
Luba's Fashions  
Lucky 7 USA Inc.  
MAIDENFORM Beach, bra sized & control 1 pcs.  
Made in the USA  
Madison Bay Company  
Magic Touch  
Maine-ly Buoys / NPC Imports  
Malibu Design Group  
Mary Sue Candy  
Matrix Sales Group  
MayRich Company  
Meissenburg Designs  
Mermaid Memories  
Miami Souvenirs  
Miami Style  
Mill Wood Art  
Modern Touch  
Mojo Art & Image  
Mojo Sportswear  
Moon Shine  
Mountain Sweets Distributing Inc.  
Mug Maven, Inc.  
Murphy Apparel Sales  
Mutual Sales, Inc.  
Name People, The  
Nancy Neill Jewelry  
Nauti Girl  
Nick's Sponges & Shark Teeth  
No-Peel Sunburn Relief  
Northwest Art Mall  
Not for Navigation  
Novelty, Inc.  
O' Meara Associates  
O'Meara Associates  
Ocean Creek Apparel  
Ocean East Sportswear  
Oceana Trading  
Ohio Wholesale Inc.  
Old Dock Apparel, Inc.  
One Love  
Organic Tagua Jewelry  
Oyster & Pearls  
Oyster and Pearls  
PCF Souvenirs/ Postcard Factory, The  
PD Home and Garden  
Pacific Silver Inc.  
Paint the Town Inc.  
Pali Sandals  
Pampeana Glass Art and Green Living Tree  
Petting Zoo, The  
Pichincha / Spirit of the Andes  
Pirate Girl  
Pirate Pipeline, The  
Pizzas with Pizazz  
Poor Boy Woodworks  
Popularity Products LLC  
Prairie Mountain Screenprinting  
Premier Kites  
Presco Int Sea Inspired Jewelry  
Presco International  
Puka Creations  
Puzzled Inc.  
Puzzles That Rock, LLC  
R.S. Covenant, Inc.  
RIO Brands LLC  
RS Surf Sandals  
Randy & Connie Hilsher  
Raya Sun Sandals  
Real Insect Co., The  
Red Horse Screen Printing, Inc.  
Renegade Outerwear  
Rep Force One, Inc.  
Resort Stop Clothing Company  
Resort Tees  
Rhode Island Novelty/ Adventure Planet  
Richard Perlish Co.  
Rightside Design  
Rising International, Inc.  
Robert J. Clancey, Ltd.  
Rockin Footwear  
Royal Resortwear, LLC  
Ruffin Flag Company, LLC  
SMOOTHIES swim separates, margin builders  
SS Handcrafted Arts  
SWIBCO, Inc.  
Safari Murano  
Safe Imports  
Screencraft Tileworks  
Sea Creations, Inc.  
Sea Dog Sportswear  
Sea Inspired Jewelry Collection by Presco  
Seagrove Candle Co.  
Seagull International Inc.  
Sensational Sweets / Creative Cookie, Etc.  
Shades of George, Inc.  
Shell Store, The  
Sherry Manufacturing  
Shop Therapy Imports  
Shoreline Wear Inc.  
Silvergirl Sterling, Inc.  
Sinbad Crafts and Plants  
Sky Dog Kites  
Slater Manufacturing & Sales LLC  
Snazzy Beads  
Soft as a Grape  
Souvenir Source  
Spirit Activewear  
Spirit Football Jersey®  
Stetson's Seashells / W.S. Stetson, Inc.  
Steven M. Lewers & Associates  
Straight Up Southern dba Eat More Tees  
Strand Imports / Suntraders  
Sun 'N' Sand Accessories  
Sun Art Designs  
Sun Image Distributors, Inc.  
Sun Rayz Sunglasses  
Sunkissed Enterprises, Inc.  
Sunkissed Resort Apparel  
Sunset Sales Reps/ Ouray Sportswear  
Sunshine Trading Co.  
Sunspecs of Ocean City, Inc.  
Suzy Shaw Berardo & Associates  
Swimsuit Station  
Taylor & Co. - The Taylor Collection - Seacrest  
Terra Cottage Inc  
Tidal Effects  
Tidewater Sandals  
Tipsy, Inc.  
Top Image USA  
Top It Off, Inc.  
Top Wholesale Inc.  
Topline Products, Inc.  
Towel World / Island Gear  
Trendy Rep Group, Inc. dba Londono Art Studio  
Triangle Sport Headwear  
Tribal Surf  
Troll Rods  
U.S. Graphics Inc.  
U.S. Poly Enterprise, Inc.  
UIS up in smoke  
UR Stickers / Marketing Ideas Group  
US Apparel LLC  
USA Pool & Toy  
Ultimate Sports  
Under The Boardwalk / Maryland Brand Management  
Universal Souvenir Company / Nesbitt Associates  
Up North Trading/The Boulters  
Uzzi Amphibious Gear  
V & L Crafts  
VCK Inc.  
Viceroy Leather  
Virji Imports  
Visionary Products  
Visors USA, Inc.  
West & Co. Weather Instruments, Inc.  
West Coast Sunglasses  
Wheeler Manufacturing Jewelry Co.  
Where Life Takes You, LLC  
Wild Berry Incense  
Wild Sense Corp.  
Willard Associates  
Winc Apparel  
Winki Swimwear  
World End Imports, Inc.  
World Import Umbrellas  
X-it! Inc.  
Your Needs Company  
Zreative Product dba Spectrum Global  
Sun., Dec. 7: 9am - 6pm
Mon., Dec. 8: 9am - 6pm
Tue., Dec. 9: 9am - 6pm
Wed., Dec. 10: 9am - 3pm
Myrtle Beach Convention Center
2101 North Oak Street
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
Call for Info:
678.285.EXPO (3976)



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